trip to borambola


when we got there

On the 28 of august year 5and 6 went for a o Borambola

we did seven activities over all 3 days first of all when we got there

we went to the recreation Hall and we went over all the camp rules

we also met Tom, Ollie and Michael.


Our first event that we did was BMX riding

in BMX riding we put all of our protective gear

on then we went throw the rules then we finally

got to get our bikes and go start riding first we looked

at the track then we went for a ride around and when we

got back we got told that we were doing a couple ride with

someone I thought we could do it with our friends but then

Tom said we had to find a boy to ride so Reece asked me

and every one hated the fact that we weren't aloud to take

over our couple.

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Rock Climbing

Our second event was rock climbing it was

really fun when we got there Ollie told us

how to put our harnesses on while using Will

as an example then next he told us to get our

harnesses on. Next we were starting to get ready

to start first of all we hooked up onto the pin and

then we started to walk back to make the person

start climbing then we walked back up and it was

then my go I started to climb and I got really scared

because I thought the harness was coming off and

then I got to the top and clapped 3 times so they

let me down

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The next day on Thursday we done Archery

when we all got there Helen told us the rules

about Archery and then she told us to get into

lines of 3 and then gave those groups names

our group had Molly, Emma and me in it and

our group was called Robin Hoods and then the

first couple of people had to go and get there bows

then Helen told us ' When your ready shoot' on my

first go I shot way over the target and on my 2nd I

hit the blue part and on my 3rd I hit the white part.

P.S I know this is not our class sorry

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low ropes

For low ropes we had Tom helping us

and firstly when we got there he had three

people go up to be an example and then told

us how we had to do it then we got in groups of three

and we went threw 6 different and that was really fun

then we had our turn to go massage

MS Williams [you] and I gave you a massage

while Emma and Mary told you jokes and then we

got told to STOP.

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When we got there we saw a big

obstacle course and we got told to

get into groups of 7 and then we

would start at 1 and go around the

first one was when we stayed on a pole

and we had to sort ourselves into tallest

to smallest then birth days. The next one

was when we had to change the round foam things

onto 3 poles. Then finale we went to the next one

and it was a blind folded obstacle when we weren't

aloud to touch the red rocks.

Free Play

Every day we got to have 20 minutes

of free play we got to play Tennis,

cricket, netball, tagawar, stilts,

or kick the football play soccer or play

mini golf


At fencing Helen showed us some moves

for fencing then she told us how to put the

gear on and then we did that. Then she told

people to get in groups then first up was Olivia

and I and Olivia .won by 6 I only had 1 go

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