The 1920's

Kaylie Kleinschmidt

Revival of the KKK

The KKK was a terrible thing for those of other culture especially for blacks. The KKK targeted most blacks but they also targeted those who were not white or their culture. The purpose of this group was not to love people it was shown as a very strong hate group. This was a very negative thing in the 1920's. The group was made up of many different age groups even those of young age. The group had been established around 1865 but soon the groups were coming to extinction. The Klan had its peak in the 1920's where they had an estimate of about six million members. The violence had increased over the years. Once the Civil Rights Movement took off these groups had started targeting black homes and churches by bombing them and started to kill those who were black. Others had been shot or beaten very badly and tortured. As the years had gone by there were more and more cases of Klan murders. There were not many Klan members who had been sent to the death penalty but there were a few cases and some groups may be charged fines. This was a very negative thing in the 1920's because these groups were killing innocent people and they didn't care what they were doing. It wasn't fair to those of other culture especially blacks. This still occurs today which it should have been stop many years ago.


Sports were a very big thing in the 1920's and it was also a big transition during that time. The purpose of sports was for people to do what they love and also for others because it gave them something to do and it was a great past time. Sports that were very big caught the eye of promoters for which that was a chance for them to make money. Many people were so interested in watching and listening to these amazing athletes play that they started to pay more attention to them and no longer do sports themselves. The media had really boosted sports. For example people were able to watch and listen to these people play. They soon found that by having these people come and watch these athletes play that they were starting to make a lot of money. This money made it so that it was possible to build new stadiums and were able to increase salaries for the players. Sports like soccer started to have immigrants pouring into the United States. This was a good but bad thing at the same time. Having these immigrants come into the United States might take jobs that someone who has lived in the United States wanted but no longer will be able to have. The good thing is that people will come to watch the talent that these people have. There will also be more income which means that more stadiums will be built and the players will have an increase in their salaries. I think sports in the 1920's was a much more positive thing because it gave people something to do for fun and it helped show people's talent that some might not have known about.

Beauty Pageants

Beauty Pageants were a very popular thing in the 1920's. The purpose of having these pageants was to make people stay past labor day. After the first Miss America Pageant occurred more and more "beautiful" women wanted to be apart and become the next Miss America. The bad thing about these pageants were that black women weren't aloud to be a part of the pageants. The women would be judged on their appearance, personality, and interaction with the judges and the crowd. As the years had went on talent had been introduced to these pageants. Some pageants would have swimsuit portions. The negative thing about this was that there was conservative and religious groups that would go against this. These groups would also try to find ways to no longer continue these pageants. There were many scandals that had been happening in these pageants. They then decided to make a "no marriage" rule but soon they had found out that some of the people who were in the pageants had lied and they found out that they were married to someone. I think this was mostly a positive time in the 1920's because it was known all around. It also let woman be confident with themselves and it made women even stronger.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

This was definitely a Valentine's day to remember. On February 14, 1929 four men who were a part of Al Capone's group were sent as undercover cops to kill Bug Moran. Everyone in Bug's group was there all seven guys except for him. All of his crew members were lined up turned the opposite way and were all shot and killed from behind by Al Capone's gang members. Bug Moran was the main target but he was running late that day which had turned out to be a good thing or else he would have been shot and killed with the rest of his crew. After the shooting had occurred Al Capone or neither of his group members had been convicted for their crime. Once Herbert Hoover became president criminal justice had because a big part because he felt very strong about it. The crime had never been officially solved because there was a refusal to acknowledged his innocence. This was a very negative part of the 1920's because seven men had lost their lives and they weren't the actual target. Also there was a lot of blood involved and it was a very scary and hard time for some people because they might not know what was to come next.

Consumer Economy

Consumer economy was a very good thing but it was also a very bad thing at the same time. People were starting to have much more money then they had before. The wealth that people had about double through this time period. As new things were starting to be made people would want to go out and start buying these new and exciting inventions. This was a great thing for small businesses that were trying to increase because since these people had all this new money they would be able to spend more on items they need or in some cases might not need but want. The negative part about this was that for some people it was very hard for them to figure out how to use this new income that they had. It made some people feel very uncomfortable because money used to be a struggle for many people but now that the economy is changing it might be harder to figure out what to do and the right way to do things. I think that this was more on the positive side in the 1920's because so many more things were being produced along with it creating more jobs. People would have much more money and there wouldn't be so much stress on people who are really struggling with debt.

Scopes Trial

The Scopes trial had become very big in the 1920's. John Scopes who was substituting in a high school class one day had began talking about evolution. There was an act that was passed called the Butler Act. This act said that you can not teach evolution but you can teach the bible. John Scopes didn't believe in this and had then went ahead and taught his high school class about evolution. Once it was found that he had been teaching evolution which had been breaking the act he had ended up having to go to trial. This trial had brought in many reporters for all over because it was the first trial that was going to be broadcast on the radio. Since this was going to be on the radio the word had spread quickly. Scopes was found guilty and had to pay a fine. They had then taken the section of evolution out of every text book so no one would be able to teach it. I think that this was shown as a more negative thing because John Scopes had broken an act and to some people that stands out. Also it was broadcast all over on radio's so many people had heard about it so it had became a very big deal.


Entertainment was a huge part in the 1920's. A lot of soundless black and white movies were starting to be released so more and more people were going out to go to the movie theater to watch these movies. Jazz was also a very big part of the 1920's. Many jazz musicians were well known because they were very good and people loved listening to jazz music. You were able to play it on your radio and so having to buy a radio if you wanted to listen to music helped company's make more profit. People would go out and dance and be able to enjoy themselves as well. The purpose of having entertainment was to keep people happy and also it made things much easier for people because if they were stressed out they would be able to go someone and have a great rest of their night. I think that entertainment was a very positive thing in the 1920's because it gave people the chance to live and go out and have a great time with their friends and family. People also really enjoyed being able to do some of these fun and exciting things.