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Looking at the best options to keep your family safe

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Gun Safe 101

In recent times, gun ownership is becoming the trend of the day due to their cheap cost and easy access. The effectiveness of this trend depends on the intention of gun owners. The most common type of guns out there is handguns. This is mostly due to their small size which makes them easy to carry around and hence good source of protection at any given place. Ownership of these guns calls for special measures in handling and storage so as to avoid their reckless use. On the storage part, there are special safes designed to store guns when not in use and the same time give you easy access at any eventuality. When looking for a gun safe, there are some considerations that you should make in order to get the best safes with the desired properties.

These considerations include:

· The size and shape of the safe

· The number of guns that you want to store

· The background of your gun (is it burglary related)

· The locking mechanism of the safe

· The fire rating of the safe

You will note that even after these considerations, there are still numerous variations to choose from and at this point you need to re-evaluate your purpose for buying the safe.

Things to avoid when making your safe purchase

1. There are some things that you obviously need to avoid when purchasing you hand gun safe. One this is overspending. This occurs most commonly than people think. The main cause of overspending is the lack of knowledge on what product you are really looking for. This can result in purchase of a safe that is way above your needs and of course more costly. You can also end up getting a substandard safe and hence the need to go back to the market and therefore you end up spending double the amount.

2. Another thing that you should greatly avoid is going for a second hand safe. You really do not know the exact reason why the previous user decided to discard it. It might be faulty or substandard. Just ensure that you go for a new gun safe unless you are purchasing the used safe from a trusted friend. Once you have made all these considerations, you are good to go for a perfect gun safe befitting all your needs.

Deciding Which Type Is The Best Gun Safe For You

There are many different types of safes and it is important to know which type will work best for you and your family! Here is a list of the most popular types of gun safes.

Combination Lock: Among the most classic gun safes on the market is the kind that runs with a mix lock. While mix locks take more time to open, they generally last longer than alternative lock types.

Biometric Lock (likewise understood as a Fingerprint Gun Safe): Use this safe when you want the utmost in personalized security. Instead of depending on a mix or secret, the biometric safe usages your unique fingerprint to enable access. That indicates no one but you (and other authorized users with their distinct fingerprints) can get to your gun.

Dual-Lock: A dual-lock safe offers double security through dual locks, both which have to be opened in order for your gun to be easily accessible.

Electric Lock: Typically considered more convenient than dial locks, safes with electronic locks permit for fast opening. They typically have integrated safeguards that lock out users after a specific variety of inaccurate efforts. On the disadvantage, electronic lock gun safes typically encounter extra issues and technical problems than their more manual counterparts.

Key Access: Gun safes with key access need you to come with a specific type in order to open them, which can be both practical and more of a security risk. If the essential gets in the incorrect hands, your security can be compromised.

In-Wall: In contrast to portable safes that can be transferred to numerous locations, the in-wall gun safe gets placed straight in the wall where it can not be taken or carried. While making your gun(s) fixed limits some convenience, it does put stability. The majority of in-wall safes have either turn, electric or finger print locks to get access. They also are available in different sizes to accommodate different varieties of weapons.

Fireproof: Even steel safes can be penetrable by fire, which is why a fire-resistant safe adds extra security that can be indispensable for your firearms. Created to stand up against fire damage, a fireproof safe safeguards your weapons even in a catastrophe circumstance. This option normally has a turn lock or an electrical keypad.

Waterproof: On the flipside of fire damage is flooding and other water concerns that can potentially impact your safe, its security and its contents. Water resistant safes are designed to be resistant against water damage, protecting your weapons while doing so.

Small Size: When you are looking to protect a little handgun or pistol, a small gun safe is an excellent option. Small safes are much easier to carry and store, and they have different sort of locks, from finger prints to electronic keypads.

Stack On: When you own a lot of weapons, you need a larger security option, and that's where something like the stack-on gun safe is available in useful. This gadget can hold more than 22 guns, in rows, together with other prized possessions.

Gun Safe Reviews

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GunVault Nanovault 200 Review

This gun safe is very compact, affordable and secure for your handgun. GunVault brand is widely known and recognized for the manufacture of number one selling hand gun safes and this is no exception. This safe is ideal for use at home and also for carrying around when traveling due to its small size. It meets all TSA guidelines with a very easy locking system. Its construction is that of 21 gauge steel alongside memory foam which is 1.25’’ thick. Its also comes with a test security cable. This safe is very affordable costing $34.95 only.
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GunVault MV500 Review

Security and reliability should be a top priority when looking for a gun safe. With these in mind, GunVault designed MV500 which comes with a No-Eyes keypad which ensures quick accessibility whereby you do not have to even look at the vault so as to open it. The strength of its lock is amazing with precision fittings which makes it impossible for any form of vandalism. This keeps your gun out of reach from burglars.

This safe has a 16 gauge steel construction with an interior foam lining and weighs just 5 pounds. Going for $129.99, it is the best deal out there

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Barska Biometric Safe Review

This is a very compact and convenient gun safe for home use. It is also a state of the art safe that comes with a unique fingerprint pad that only detects fingerprints assigned to it. This saves you the trouble of having to memorize long and confusing combinations. It also gives you a quick access to your gun in case of urgent need. The safe can also operate efficiently using AA batteries and so it cuts the worry of carrying a power cord. Just ensure that the batteries doesn’t run low.

This gun safe comes with two steel locking bolts, a fingerprint scanner that can store up to 30 fingerprints and it weighs around 31 pounds. This is a real deal and goes for $405.25

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Stack-On PS-514 Review

Made of a solid steel construction, pry resistant plate steel doors, concealed hinges, action locking bolts, Stack-On PS-514 is one of the best gun safes in the market. It comes with an electronic lock and a programmed safety key to override it. Failing to enter the correct key combination for three attempts, the safe will time out. The safe has predrilled holes for easier mounting.

Some other notable features are a removable shelf to increase on storage, concealed hinges and two steel locking bolts. The safe weighs approximately 25 pounds and costs around $99.99

What To Know Once You've Bought Your Gun Safe

Any citizen that processes a handgun should know that it is a dangerous weapon that should be kept safe at all times. It should never fall onto the wrong hands. Any of the above discussed gun safes can help you in securing your gun but there are some added precautions that should be effected as discussed below:

1. Keep your key combination confidential!

If your key combination is not private and confidential, then the safe will be of no help no matter how secure it is. The key combination is what keeps your gun safely locked inside apart from the steel casing. Anyone with access to your security combination also has access to your gun.

2. Purchase a Dehumidifier for your gun safe

Gun safes are meant for gun storage and if there is no situations necessitating the use of the weapon, it can stay there for a long period of time. With time, mold and mildew can form inside the safe due to moisture and this can cause devastating effects on your gun. To avoid such eventualities, it is advisable to purchase a dehumidifier which will help in keeping your safe dry.