By: Gabriela Targonska


Wind is the sideways movement of air.

Wind is caused by air moving from high to low pressure and the unequal heating of earths surface.

Local Wind

Local wind is winds that blow over a small area. Local winds are created by the unequale heating of earths surface in a small area.

How Sea Breezes - Land will heat up faster than the sea so the warm air rises and then the cool air from the sea moves in and takes the spot of the warm air. The Sea Breeze happens during the day.

Land Breeze- Water will heat up faster than the land so the warm air rises and the cooler air moves in from the land and takes the place of the warm air. Land Breeze happens during the night time.

Global Wind

Global Wind is wind that blows over a long distance steadily. Global Winds are created by unequal heating of earths surface.

Convection Currents - At the end of every convection current their is a different wind, ether the wind is Horse Latitude, Polar Easterlies, or Doldrums. In the convection currents warm air moves up and cold air moves down.

Doldrums - Are located at 0' latitude. Are calm, and very weak.

Trade Winds - located at 0'-30' latitude. Are very strong, The winds always blows left.

Jet Stream - Is a band of very strong winds in the upper troposphere.

Prevailing Easterlies -Blow from the north and south ploes. Blow in the direction east to west.