Happy MLK Day

Week of January 18-22

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Today is a day to think about the message and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His message was one of hope, love, and peace for all Americans, despite the color of their skin or religious affiliation. Let's keep his message alive for ourselves and our children.

Reading and Writing

This week in language arts, we are reading an informational text called Saving the Sand Dunes. (Unit 3, Week 3) Students will examine the cause and effect text feature. In grammar, they will learn about past tense verbs. There will be no spelling words this week. In writing, students are researching the economic and educational areas of Michigan. We are making a class book and each student is researching and writing about an area of our state. For example, students are researching many of the important commodities like corn, sugar beets, blueberries, and beans. They are using Google Docs to type, format, and insert photos and text. More information will be sent home soon about how you can purchase a copy for yourselves.


On Tuesday students will have a chapter test on rocks, soil, and minerals. They have many study sheets to help prepare for the assessment. Look for the Summary Sheet, Question and Answer Matching, foldables, and a 4 Square Sort. A good review could be some of the posts here on the blog -- ThingLink and Prezi.


We finished Chapter 4 in GoMath learning multiplication strategies and took the assessment on Friday. 12 students scored 80% or higher!! We will continue spending time in multiplication and begin Chapter 5 on Tuesday. Fluency remains a goal and practicing at home for that quick recall is vitally important so that students can spend their thinking time problem solving.

Important Dates

Jan. 21 Half Day -- dismissal at 12:05
Jan. 22 Half Day -- dismissal at 12:05 (end of the second marking period)
Jan. 26 Popcorn Day
Jan. 29 Report Cards sent home