Biglerville High School

Newsletter Update - Week of 11/15 - 11/19


Nov 19 & 20 -Theatre Ensemble Cabaret/Fall Play

Nov 22 & 23 - Parent Conferences

Nov 24 - 26 - Thanksgiving Break

Nov 29 - In-Service- No Students


Parent Conferences

Mark your calendar for BHS Parent Conferences being held at the school on Monday, November 22nd, and Tuesday, November 23rd from 12:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Students are welcome to attend conferences. Virtual meetings are available upon request.

Conference sign-ups will be available online. Please follow the steps below to sign up for your preferred conference date and time. If you have difficulty signing up online, you may contact the guidance office at 717-677-7191 ext 2130 to schedule a conference. Please note, that masks are required.

  1. Please go to
  3. Find and click on the name of your child’s teacher/s.
  4. Select your preferred time.
  5. Enter your information including your email address. The teacher's zoom link will be included in a confirmation email.
  6. Click “Sign Up for Your Conference” near the bottom of the screen.
  7. You’re done!

If you have difficulty or have questions regarding conferences, please contact the high school office at 717-677-7191.


Health Class

Mr. O'Brien and Mrs. Peck's health class have been training in first aid/CPR/AED. Students used stuffed animals to reduce contact.

Mr. Hodges's 10th-12th Grade Algebra II

Mr. Hodges's Algebra II classes used piecewise functions last week to design a brand new roller coaster! All three classes worked together to create one continuous, exciting (and definitely not up to safety codes) ride. The students all did a great job with both the art and math sides of the project and should be proud of what they created together!


Subway in Biglerville

We interviewed Subway in Biglerville as another business that hires many BHS students. The Franchisee said they had begun their journey with Subway ten years ago. They convinced the Franchise to visit the area and count the daily traffic to be able to get a Subway in Biglerville. There are currently five students from BHS that work at Subway, and the managers have communicated that they enjoy working with their teen staff. They believe that work ethic leads students to a successful future. They are motivated to teach teen workers the value of having people skills. They are very flexible with their schedules and say they value that teen workers work hard. They understand they come from a long day at school to continue a long day at work. All of their teen worker’s dedication is greatly appreciated.

The only downside they found with teen workers is that they are usually less flexible than adults but they understand that flexibility isn’t always possible. Adults are still responsible for all management of the Subway team. The teen employees are said to provide an especially welcoming environment. Many former employees from BHS moved on to college and trade school and Subway feels that they have helped to prepare them for their future. They also wanted to say that they are very proud when they have students leave to become a part of the military. They are especially grateful when former high school students come back and work in the summer. Overall, they work hard to make a good environment for their students and for their business.

Thank you for hiring our students and supporting our school.


BHS Theater Ensemble

This year the BHS Theater Ensemble is presenting a one-act play, War of the Worlds, followed by a one-act cabaret.


FFA -Winter Fundraiser

It's that time of year again!!

Fresh Fruit, Mushrooms & Wreaths for the Holidays

Help support Biglerville High School's FFA by participating in their annual citrus, wreaths, and mushroom sale! They have partnered with Apple City FFA to provide you with the freshest produce available. Please see the attachments for details.

Orders will be taken from November 12th to November 19, 2021. All sales are due by November 19, 2021. Orders must be paid at the time of sale. Checks should be made payable to BHS. Delivery during the week of December 6th. You may order by form or contacting Michelle Miller @ You have until Monday, November 22nd if you order directly to Michelle Miller.

As always, thank YOU for shopping BHS.

Donation Drive & Clothing Room


Student Travel Announcement

Last chance to go on a foreign trip this school year!

Due to Covid restrictions, the foreign trip to Thailand has been canceled. Instead, we will be going to Peru! We will visit Machu Picchu and river raft on the Urubamba River to the Sacred Valley, which winds through major Inca sites and beautiful scenery. Ancient fortresses loom on cliffs high above, while the river makes its slow way into the jungle.

We will take a jungle hike in the Amazon Rainforest, visit a wildlife sanctuary, go to Monkey Island and stay in a primitive lodge in the Amazon! This is just a taste of the exciting things will be doing on this trip. Check out the link for the particulars.

The cost for students is $4,529. There are still just a few days to sign up for this 11-day trip because we are departing THIS March 1!!! Students who were originally signed up for the Thailand trip OR France/Spain trip can transfer their money to this trip however you are responsible for any cost difference. Family members are also welcome! *There are also a limited number of $300 scholarships available, first come first serve. Please contact Mrs. Harman by Friday, Nov. 19 if you are interested.


Canner Corner Sports

High School winter sports practices are scheduled to start on Nov 19th.

Sports Highlight

Charles Zavala, a senior on the Boys Varsity Soccer Team, named Co-Player of the Year for YAIAA - 3! Congratulations!