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5ive for Friday

1. You think you know but you may not know...about your colleague Heather Williams. Listen to our first staff interview and learn a little more about her. In the coming weeks I hope by highlight your colleagues we will all grow a little closer the wonderful (and truly fascinating) people we work with. I hope this is the first of a series of all you! Let's call it The Random Question Show!

Layout of the interview (Sorry I'm not exactly Oprah...trying, promise not so say "yea" so much in the future):

1. Breakfast (sorry checking to see my app worked)

2. Horrific Night in Dallas

3. Saturday Mornings including her favorite breakfast spot

4. Where she goes to relax and her new found hobby

5. Her favorite book and the impact it had on her as a child

6. What recently made her laugh so hard and what she feels is important in every relationship that is within her relationship with her husband

7. Proud moment in teaching and why it isn't a destination and what makes it worth it

8. Why education is a team effort

9. Why being an aunt and having a mom as a teacher is a big influence on her career

10. How she got into special education

11. The last time she felt humbled and how she is grateful for her childhood.

12. How growing older impacts her thoughts

13. Movie: Racing Extinction, how it has changed her thoughts about life

14. What she would ask all of us and the world to do and yet she and I both struggle with this and I am the exact opposite of this

15. Her billboard in Times Square

16. What she believes we need to know

17. What she enjoys most about her colleagues at Hosp and how Hosp compares to other schools she has worked at.

Listen Here (once on the page you can click on the player. Sorry the first few moments are me trying to figure out what I am doing. The editing will get better...first time)


I have been sharing the past few months about people in the outside world that inspire and accomplish great things and I will continue to do that...however my other plan was to share about the greatness of employees at Hosp (thus the questions from a few weeks ago and then the follow up question).

Next week we learn about Tyra Damm!

2. Super? Bowl: This year's Super Bowl was honestly one of the most boring that I can recall but it should be noted that it taught a valuable lesson. Sometimes you win by not losing. What I mean by that is sometimes you just have to make few mistakes and force the other team to make more. The great Peyton Manning showed us that if he just did enough and didn't make mistakes his team would win. Cam Newton forced the issue, tried to push his team tried too much and ended up making huge mistakes over and over again. (He also taught us how NOT to lose and behave after losing). Oh and former Cowboy Demarcus Ware taught us and Jerry Jones to not give up on someone when they are down. Wow he was unreal!

3. What I am Listening to: NPR's Ted Talks. Pick anyone that applies to you. So many focus on education. I just listened to the one on courage and it was amazing!

4. Who to be inspired by: Seth Godin, who can be found by typing "Seth" into Google. He is the man behind this post:

"There's no need for alarm"

Alarm is overrated.

People say, "there's no need for alarm," as if that rule only applies right now, as if sometimes, there is a need for alarm.

It turns out that there's never a need for alarm, because alarm doesn't do us any good. Alertness, awareness, action... there's a need for this. But alarm?


"How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy to be remarkable!"

5. Shout out!: Mrs. Delehanty, who during her observation this week had to put up with her heater giving off a terrible smell, then having the FISD repair man hangout out of her ceiling and making all sorts of noise while fixing the heater. Mrs. Delehanty didn't even blink. She went on like there wasn't anything different and because of that her kids went on like there was no distraction in the room! Amazing! Well Done!

What does this have to do with Hosp? Everything! Mrs. Williams story ties directly into how and why she is in the classroom. Demarcus Ware taught us to never give up on someone! TED Talks get us to summon the courage to overcome our fears and isn't that what we want for our students? Mrs. Delehanty taught us to not get distracted, focus on the task, even if a man is hanging out of your ceiling.

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