Miria Yepez

Professional communication 1A

Personal Statement 1A

I can't live without metal core and post hardcore music or something similar to that genre. That type music takes all the school stress away which is weird. The most important thing to me is to know that everyone has equal right. I believe that people can listen to their own type of music even if they may sound demonic or strange to some people. My personal motto is "Be unique, don't be a follower."
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Cartoon of communication process

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Nonverbal Communication Process: Andy Leo

The expression that I chose is CONFUSED.

  1. he has his eyebrows in a confused form
  2. his body is leaned back
  3. the neck looks like if it was pushed back a little bit
  4. the lips are in a different position
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informal language example

Informal language is how we talk differently with our friends, family, family members, teachers, ext. An example of informal language is "Hey whats up"
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My future career goals

The career that I want to do is robotic engineering. Robotic engineering is a type of engineering that deals with robots and computer aided designs and drafting, often called "CADD" and different computer system designs. Robotic engineers are responsible for creating robots and robotic systems that are able to perform duties that humans can't do. In order for me to become that type of engineer, I need to have a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, physical science, and mathematics. I also need to take classes that are engineering programs and graduate them. I also need to understand how to apply math and mechanics to create automated machines. Lastly I need to have a licensure so i could work my future career.
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