Astronaut Space Buddy

Sung Nam Style


In the vast unknown of space, one can become really lonely. With perhaps only a handful of people in your rocket, soon you'll be bored of each other and experience extreme seclusion; this is why we are offering a great product for you and your buddies! This Astro Buddy will be interactive as well as interactive, and not only that! We at the Institute of Astronautical Space Friends Administration (IASFA) have researched the fundamentals of homosapien entertainment, and we've concluded that by far, this Space Buddy will entertain you for years to come!

Features Included:

-Artificial Intelligence

-Sleek, black suit

-Removable Tie

-Turtle Neck Undershirt






Special Features Includes:

-1x Fushigi ball (with purchase by card, we'll include another one free!)

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Satifaction guaranteed or your money back! (within 30 days of purchase..)