November 16, 2020 Principal Message

Jeffreys Grove Magnet Elementary

Special Message for 4th and 5th Grade Cohort 1 Families

Dear Jeffreys Grove Families,

We hope you’ve had a fantastic week! The Jeffreys Grove staff is eagerly anticipating the return of 4th and 5th graders in Cohort 1. As we get ready for them, here are a few reminders:

  • Plan your arrival time for carpool (8:45-9:10am) - we have to complete health screenings and temperature checks for ALL students.
  • Pack your pencil box and the school supplies your child's teacher has requested.
  • Pack your device every day plus the charger in case teachers need you to have your WCPSS device.
  • Families with their own personal device are welcome to send it as well, we will send a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) form home so you can return that form to us - not required, but students can bring personal devices.
  • Breakfast and Lunch are FREE for ALL students. Students can bring their own lunches as well if they choose.
  • Wear a mask. Pack an additional mask if you think your child needs to switch out masks midday. If not, don't worry. We have masks on campus to share with students as needed.
  • Bring a refillable waterbottle. Don't worry if your child doesn't have one or forgets - we have disposable cups and donated water bottles as we will not be using the water fountains to directly drink from.
  • If you have the student attestation form completed, please send it in. If not, we will send a copy home for you to sign and return.

For additional information, please refer to the Return to Campus Guide which contains a link to the first semester calendar that lists cohort rotations by weeks.

Reminders this week

  • November 18 - remonte learning asynchronous day
  • November 23-24 - remote learning days - synchronous instruction continues

Join Memberhub

If you are looking for ways to get connected with the JG PTA and other Jeffreys Grove families, I invite you to join Memberhub. The Jeffreys Grove PTA uses Memberhub as a means of communication with families throughout the year. Cheri Thomas, the JG PTA President, sends out a weekly newsletter, providing "save the date" information, fundraising updates, advocacy information, and other school-wide information. Please click here to join Jeffreys Grove Memberhub."

Click here to read past PTA newsletters. And click here to fill out the JG yearbook form.

As always, please reach out to either Ms. Scott or me for support. We are more than happy to answer questions, address concerns, or provide guidance when needed.


Juli Ventura


Thank you to everyone who has helped support our school this year with our PTA sponsored, no-fuss fundraiser! Thanks to the overwhelming support of our Jeffreys Grove Community, 3rd and 4th grade classrooms will be getting a much needed technology facelift! The $20,000 you helped raise to upgrade our technology set up in classrooms will be used to equip two additional grade levels with SMART 70" displays. In addition to this, every teacher who did not have one will get a document camera.

We recognize that right now families may be struggling and can't donate and that's OK, too. Any support you gave our school is the BEST donation you can make, so thank you for all you did to make that happen as well!


Hello JG Families,

I hope you are doing well! It's been a tough year, but I hope this season encourages you to focus on the things that we can be grateful for! Having a grateful mindset can be very beneficial to your overall mental and physical health. Click on the newsletter link below to find information on how to instill this sense of thankfulness in your own family.

There is also information about anxiety and the return to school for students.

Take care and SOAR on Eagles!

Mrs. Jacobs, School Counselor

Counselor's Corner November 2020 Newsletter #2

5th Grade Academic Spotlight!

5th Grade has had an exciting couple of weeks, and they continue to have a lot to look forward to!

In Math, students are learning about order of operations. You may remember, "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally!" from when you were in school. Aunt Sally is still around! This mnemonic device helps them remember the correct order of operations when simplifying expressions.

In Literacy, students are using the 4C's (communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking) to collaborate on creating a movie trailer for the class novel, "Esperanza Rising."

In Science, their genetics and heredity unit culminated in a project in which students chose a genetic disorder or disease to research and present to the class. This coincided nicely with October's Disability Awareness month.

In Social Studies, students are using their imagination to travel back in time and persuade English colonists to join a specific region of colonies.

In addition to all of these exciting learning experiences, students were thrilled to welcome professional artist Leni Newell into their virtual classes. Mrs. Newell introduced students to “Fiber Art”. We are excited to see all of their finished products! We are even more excited to welcome back our first Cohort of 5th graders into the building this week!