Morse Code

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"Why be slow, when you can be on the go!"

About the Inventor & Behind His Invention

Hello, I am Samuel Morse. I was born on April 27th, 1791, in Charlestown, Massachusetts. My main profession is an inventor, and I have created a new invention.

Do you ever feel that anticipation or anxiousness while waiting weeks for that message to come from your friend miles away? Or that message from your lover that you've been anxiously awaiting to receive? Now, all your problems will be solved with my newest invention, Morse Code!

How It Works

Morse Code uses dots, dashes, and spaces to represent letters, punctuation, and numbers to spell out a message. A telegraph converts the symbols into electrical signals, then sends the message across a wire to the destination. The signals are converted back into the message by the telegraph that received them.
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What Will Morse Code Do

Morse Code will allow people to send messages in just a matter of minutes, which has never been done before. Prior to my invention, messages were sent and received weeks later, which could be a problem depending on the situation. Ask yourself, would you rather sit around for weeks waiting for a message? Or would you rather use Morse Code and get the job done in minutes! Morse Code will solve the problem of waiting weeks to receive a message, so your patience won't have to be tested any longer!

How It Will Positively Affect Society

Business, newspaper, and railroad companies will all be positively affected by Morse Code, as messages can now be sent in just minutes, so waiting weeks for a message to come through will no longer be your problem! Work can now be done much faster, as information will be quicker to receive. Society as a whole will have better and easier communication than ever before, since instant communication can be used rather than having to wait. Morse Code will affect thousands of lives by simply allowing information to stretch across thousands of miles, and yours can be one of them! So now, messaging your long distance friend will no longer be a hassle for both of you!
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(Disclaimer) How It Could Be Negative

Since Morse Code is written in code form rather than a language, to be able to read messages, learning how to read the code is required first. This could take quite a long time to memorize. Plus, a telegraph is rather expensive, so some people might not be able to use Morse Code.

Different Models of Morse Code

There are different models of Morse Code, including Original (American) Morse Code, and International Morse Code. Original Morse Code is much simpler, and more precise to use, while International Morse Code uses dashes of constant length rather than variable lengths used in the Original Morse Code.
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Who Should Use Morse Code

Morse Code will greatly benefit business, railroad, and newspaper companies, as now their communication with other people and companies can now be much quicker than it was before, which means the speed of work will be much faster, and less delayed. So now, your break time can come much faster because your job can be done quicker!

Testimonial From a Morse Code User

"Before my railroad business started using Morse Code, it would take weeks before we received any darn messages from other companies! Now, they come in just minutes, which means my day goes by quicker, and that certainly makes me one happy fella!"

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