Peter Lik

Famous Photographer

Peter Lik

  • Born in 1959
  • From Melbourne Australia
  • Currently still alive

Education & Family

  • Born to hardworking Czech immigrants
  • Shooting Landscapes his whole life
  • Travels between The United States and Australia
  • Self taught photographer learning from trail and error
  • Has spent over 30 years pushing the boundaries of art
  • When he went on Family Holidays he took photos of oceans and the country scenes around him


  • Has been capturing landscapes his whole life
  • Was given a Brownie Kodak at age 8 to pursue his dreams
  • Captured a spider as his very first fateful shot
  • 1984 discovered panoramic views
  • 1984, Lik also came to America to further his photography career


  • Mostly uses wide angles and panoramic
  • He captures them in either Horizontal or Vertical panoramic
  • Uses large scales of photos
  • Uses a mysterious approach
  • Also, framing and printing are vitally important to him
  • He has his own printing company

Famous for?

  • "Phantom," his black & white masterwork depicting a ghostlike image at Antelope Canyon
  • "Illusion"
  • "Eternal Moods"
  • "Pele's Whisper"
  • "Sacred Sunrise"
  • "Eternal Beauty"
  • "Ghost"
  • Theses are some of Peters most famous pieces


· Master of Photography, Australian Institute of Professional Photography, 2002

· Master of Photography, Professional Photographers of America, 2010

· British Institute of Professional Photography Fellow, 2010

· Royal Photographic Society Fellow, 2010

· Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Award – Art in Nature Winner, "Ghost at Antelope Canyon", 2010

· Silver Medals, Epson International Pano Awards, for "Ancient Spirit", "Angel's Heart" and "Sacred Sunrise", 2011

· Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Award – Plant Life Winner, "Japanese Maple", 2011

· American Aperture Awards, Best Landscape/Seascape/Nature, 2013

Peter Lik

  • Peter challenged himself when he came to the United States
  • "Go big or go home." He states as he is about to take on his biggest project
  • Peter traveled all 50 states capturing different landscapes
  • He stated: "Biggest challenge of my life."
  • He continues to search for the perfect picture
  • Peter states: "I still haven't taken it yet."

Critiques of Work

  • “I’ve never even heard of him,” Martin Parr, the renowned British photographer, says. “It’s pretty astonishing. I’ve looked at his work today and though he’s a very good commercial photographer who can take pictures people like, he has no standing whatever in the fine-art world that I belong to.”
  • “It’s an abomination,” Michael Hoppen, a leading British photography gallerist, says of Phantom, which shows a shaft of light entering a canyon. “I remember when he sold the picture in 2010, my jaw dropped. I thought, who could be persuaded to part with $1m for a piece of tat? You could have done it with an iPhone.”
  • Kelly Hoppen, the interior designer, adds: “He’s obviously got a huge camera and must have an amazing printer, but that’s not art, it’s a function of the equipment. Art, whatever the medium, is something that moves and informs you or changes your opinion. This has nothing to do with art or creative photography, and the tragedy is that it brings the whole business down.”

Appreciation of Work

  • He captures the true beauty of the outdoors
  • He adds depth to the photo
  • You feel as though you are actually in the picture
  • They are extremely beautiful