Croatan sound!!

By:Maleke moore

Where is it?

Croatian Sound is located by Roanoke Island. It is consider to be one of the smallest sounds on the outer banks. It acts as a buffer between Wanchese and Manteo.

The effects and who/what makes its home

The Sound is home to many marine life foul such as pelicans, ibises and cormorants.

rivers,streams and more rivers!!

There are many rivers that flow into the Croatan river. It acts as a channel between the Albermarie sound and the Palmico sound. It is fed by the many small rivers of the Albermarie sound.

Protect the waters that we love

The Croatan sound is one of the most undiscovered and untouched sounds on the outer banks. The people who love there do amazing jobs to protect their home and the waters the surround them.