Global Warming

A "Hot" Topic

Our World is Getting Hotter

Over the last one hundred years our world has been getting hotter. This is because if Global Warming, one of the worlds most serious problems. Around fifty years ago scientists from Sweden started noticing both trees and fish dying out. Global Warming releases certain gases into the air as into a result of industrial activity. This causes holes in our atmosphere, which therefore makes our world hotter.

What Happens Next?

What Can we do to Save What we Still Have Left?

You can Stop Global Warming. Countries are compromising to cut down on the amount of harmful gases they use that pollute the air. You can help too! You could walk instead of driving to near by locations. Clean car technology can produce more efficient less polluting cars. Scientists are finding that efforts are being made to save what we still have left of the ozone layer. If we keep this up we can make a difference in our world.