Hayden Hero Herald

May 9, 2013

Enrichment Project

Each third grader recently chose and created an Enrichment Project connected to the third grade curriculum. Students worked independently on their projects for several weeks. For example, students created math games, presented power points about a nonfiction topic, and conducted Science Fair experiments. These enrichment projects broadened each child’s learning experience and promoted a high level of thinking. The enrichment experience further developed important habits of the mind: self-direction, planning, discovery, problem solving, and creativity. Thank you, parents, for your support of your child's learning through the Enrichment Project.

Enrichment Photos

Veggie Garden Planting

We recently planted kale, broccoli, and cauliflower in the Third Grade Veggie Garden. Thanks to Jill Jankowski, coordinator of Buckingham's Veggie Garden Project, and to the 3H parent volunteers who joined us for planting. Students made great observations about the garden and made great connections to our Science Life Cycle Unit. We can't wait to watch our veggies grow!

Thank you!

Thank you for your kindness on Teacher Apprecation Day. The PTO treated us to a fabulous lunch with a Kentucky Derby Theme. On Tuesday, our room parent, Mrs. Rose, delivered an adorable picnic basket. Each student brought pieces of fruit to fill this great basket. I appreciated the basket, the fruit, and the thoughtful cards so many students created for me. It is so wonderful to teach at a school with so many caring kids and adults. Thank you!

Quiz Me Questions

1. What did you learn while creating your Enrichment Project?

2. What did you learn from a classmate's Enrichment Project?

3. Tell me about the Science-telling Assembly. Did you touch a "cloud"?