Evolution of music recording

By: Hank Hurst

Most people think that the first recording was made by Thomas Edison with a phonograph in 1877, but the first recording was made in the mid 1860 s by Leon Scott using a machine he called phonautograph. The phonograph at first used tin rapped cylinders and then later started to use the flat disc record. The phonautograph could only record and could not play back and there was only one recording ever made using it.
The phonograph remained the primary source of music in the household until the 1940 s when the tape recording was invented. Over the next 60 years four more ways of recording music would be invented but many were based off of the idea of the flat disc record. First up in 1949 would be the LP record or long playing record next would be the 45 rpm record. In 1982 the CD or compact disc was invented and soon after digital would become dominant

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