James Kamara

The Terminator was a Science fiction movie made in the 80's about machines taking over the world. Our world might not be as exaggerated as the science fiction movie, but we can see by our everday activites from checking Instagram, sending a text, looking at a funny vidoe on youtube, flipping through channels on your TV remote, or just swipping your card for some delicious and energetic startbucks frappuccino. Our everyday activities depends on technology to make life a little bit easy and comfortable.

One of my main means of communicating with friends and family is by texting. I estimate my monthlys texts to approximately 3000 to 4000 texts messaging. This cause me to go over the limit on my parents phone plans, which results in higher phone bills, As such I end up having to pay half of the phone bill.

My day revovles around Digital devices. My phone alarm always goes off at 6:45am on weekdays, before getting out of bed the first thing i check is my cellphone before even thanking God for making me see another beautiful day. I check my instagram, facebook, and twitter to see who liked the selfie i posted, or see what was retweeted or favorite my funny tweets. I also check on facebook for news around the world and in my community.

After checking all my online profiles and see what my friends are posting about or whats the new trend, I head to the shower, and get ready for school. At about 7:20 to 7:25AM, i check my phone again to see if I got a text from a friend or not. then skip through my playlist endlessly for the perfect tune that matches my mood in the morning. I usually play some Adele or Drake if I'm sad and Depressed and 2chainz if I'm in a good mood. I turn on the TV mostly to kill time till my bus comes, but also to catch up on the latest Hollywood news, lifestyle and fashions.

Comparing to my kindergarten days to now in high school, I feel like our world is becoming less social due to technology. In my elementary school days, we would come to the bus stop, excited and happy to chat with friends, and talk in the bus about how girls have cooties and all the other things elementary kids talk about. Now in this so called tachnology era, everyone seem to be in a bad mood. As such these students preoccupied with their gadgets while waiting for the bus. This also continues through out the ride to school and from school. There is less communication with peers on daily bases.

The Bus driver opens the Bus door at 7:50Am to let us out into the school building. With my Headphones still in my ears, I usually walk straight to class if I'm not hungry. I will take out my laptop, turn it on and surf the web for funny videos or check my fantasy draft. According to an article i read "is the web driving us mad" by Tony Dokoupil, he talks about the impact the web has on our lives, and how a single information published on the web can spiral to instant fame in just seconds. He also talks about our addictions to technonly and the internet. I agree withTony Dokoupil, i feel like I have to get on the internet multiple times a day. Mostly to watch Netflix, or to simply look up answers on a class assignment. This constant craving for the web is making life easier and the generation behind us lazier. Just a couple of weeks ago I asked my eight years old cousin what a dictionary was and he did not know, and he asked me if we could look it up on google.

The school requires seniors to use laptops in classes, for most of the class works and also communicating with teahers through emails. I use my laptop to take notes in class, research a topic on the web, make powerpoints. Once in a while when i get caught off gaurd, I get on datpiff website to check out the new HipHop mixtape. I will also check my phone for text mesaages, or a snapchat or I just simply change a song on my phone. This is my routine for half of my day in school till lunch.

we have debit cards like ID's that we put certain amounts in and when we swipe our cards during lunch it electronically takes out the money we've put in our accounts and pays for our lunch. When I first came to America from Africa I was mind blown by this, I used to think it was the coolest thing ever. I am accustomed to it and use it on daily bases. During lunch from about 12 to 12:30pm, I usually sit with group of friends from different races and backgrounds. we talk about fantasy football, funny vines and youtube videos, and we pull up different picutres from google to make fun of what or who we look like.

School ends at 2:55pm. I get picked up after school and get dropped off at work. I have to digitally plug in a number to sign in for work and also in and out for breaks and also when getting off. Compared to my folks, they told me that they had to carry a time sheet (a piece of paper) to write their hours on. I spent my breaks at work surfirng through the internet, and tweeting about how much I hate my job and I can't wait to quit mostly for attention. During my breaks at work I send texts to friends, check my Instagram.

In conclusion, technologies have positive and negative effects. Most of my day revolves around technology, texting, surfing the web, or checking social media sites. it makes life simpler for me, but I also feel detached from the real world not spending much time playing with my family. With technology I'm able to do all my school work easier and faster. Spending too much on my gadgets kind of deprive me of the amount of sleep I'm required to have. To all the kids out there, try to balance of your use of technology and the joy of outdoor and socialization.