Cash Register

Keep your cash!

Who thought of it? What was it for?

The owner of a saloon in Dayton, Ohio named James Ritty had the idea of the cash register one day when he was on a steamship and saw a machine that counted the rotations of the propeller. He was tired of his employees stealing his profits and set up the cash register in 1879 so that a bell would ring every time a sale took place.

How it Works

To help lower the rate of theft, the early cash registers

had a bell that rang each time the cash drawer was opened. the later cash registers kept a printed record of the amount of money received each time a sale was "rung up." when the work day was over, the store manager could compare the cash register record with the amount of money in the cash drawer to make sure the two were equal.

Basic Cash Register Operation

Benefits of the Cash Register

James Ritty invented the cash register for one reason: to stop people from stealing his money. That is the main benefit of the cash register.


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