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Unit Project Research Happens!

The close of each Wonders unit brings an opportunity for you and your students to unpack more CCRS standards and get practice with close reading in more of a real world setting. Students throughout their lives will see and hear things about which they will have questions and wish to gain more knowledge. This sheet gives you some resources to use to help your students in their search for information on these unit projects.

Jefcoed's Research Symbaloo

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This Symbaloo is divided by grade level. You may access your class Symbaloo by clicking on your grade level link.

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5th Grade

Alabama Virtual Library

Alabama Virtual Library has many databases useful for both students and adults. When logging on for student use, click on the Student Resources tab and then select Elementary from the drop-down list. Britannica is available with articles, graphics and media plus several databases which give you access to articles from periodicals, reference books, newspapers, TV and radio transcripts and images.

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This link will take you to the Warrior Elementary Library web site where you have access to other educational links and links to other learning games and activities such as PBS Kids and Cool Math Games.