Comparison of World Religions

Janelle Tolbert 💕


  • It started with the birth of Jesus Christ In 0 C.E
  • God
  • Monotheistic(God)
  • Christians believe in one God that exist in three persons. - the Father, the son(Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit. They also believed that man kind was created to have a relationship with God but sin separates them from God.
  • Christianity started in Judea(Israel).
  • 2000 years ago
  • Abraham and Sarah had a son named Isaac. God wanted to test Abraham's faith by telling Abraham to sacrifice his son. It was difficult to choose between god and his son. Abrahram trusted God and he went to the top of the mountain placed his son down and pulled out the knife. When he pulled out the knife God sent a angel down to tell Abraham to stop. He proved his trust in God and he will be blessed.
  • There are 2.1 billion Christians in the world.
  • As Christianity increased the religion spread. It spread through the Roman Empire.
  • The Bible is the holy book for Christianity.
  • Jesus,God,Mary,Moses,Abraham.
  • God and the priest were in charge. The followers were under them.