Car Insurance

what determines your car insurance rates?

Credit Reports

Credit reports are increasingly utilized by people across the country in determining their credit score. Times are tough and we’re all trying to save money in anyway that we can. But like death and taxes, car insurance is a must and often a costly must. But there are ways to save.

Credit Reports

Credit reports can be used by companies everywhere. They use your credit history to drive up your insurance costs. a forty-six credit score allows companies to increase your rates. Not all companies use this policy though.

Driving History

Car insurance companies usually use your driving records history to determine your rate. They do this by using a point system. How long the points they give you stay on your driving record depends on where you live, accidents, and any parking violations always make your car insurance rates rise

Age, Gender and Marital Status

New drivers are most likely to have an higher insurance rates. Married women are likely to have lowest insurance rates. Unmarried men pay the highest car insurance rates

Other Factors

Insurance also determines your rate by the type of car you drive, for example a red car. Red cars insurances are higher. It also determines your annual mileage, your location,and deductible you are willing to file your claim.