By, Spencer and Conner

History Of Ebola Virus

In the late 1970s, the international community was again startled, this time by the discovery of Ebola virus as the causative agent of major outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Sudan. International scientific teams that arrived to deal with these highly virulent epidemics found that transmission had largely ceased; however, they could reconstruct considerable data from the survivors.

Ebola Today

The Modern day Ebola

Ebola is spread through direct contact of bodily fluids of patient and can be prevented when wearing masks and gloves when dealing with patients of virus. Ebola has a mortality rate of 71% in west Africa. When in America dealing with ebola includes a series of tests to identify that the Ebola virus is in fact present. When it is a confirmed cause the patient will then be put into quarantine and then be given vaccines. Doctors who come in contact with the patient will wear protective gear to ensure none of their body is exposed.

U.S. News bulletin on Procedures for Treatment

ANDERSON – U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks believes health care workers treating patients with the Ebola virus should be quarantined in West Africa. Brooks spoke at the Anderson Rotary Club’s weekly luncheon Tuesday at Anderson Country Club, where she presented Ann Hardacre with a copy of the remarks read into the Congressional Record honoring Hardacre’s late husband, Bill. The Ebola virus is the No. 1 health care and national-security concern, Brooks said.“The health care providers are on the front line,” she said. “This is a disease we were not prepared for. We will get it right.” Brooks, chairman of the subcommittee on emergency preparedness, said she sent a letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) supporting a quarantine of health care workers."The CDC should send a letter to all airlines not to allow those workers to board. It should be a no-travel policy,” she said. “I prefer there be a quarantine in West Africa.”If health care workers and members of the military exposed to the Ebola virus return to the United States, they should be placed in quarantine for 21 days, she said. Brooks said officials are still learning about the virus and that mistakes have been made.


1. Why did ebola spread so quickly in west Africa?

2. How did Ebola make its way to the United States?

3. How many confirmed cases have been in the United States?

4. How quickly do symptoms begin to show?

5. Can Ebola be transmitted through touch?

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