Welcome to Mr. Seal's Class

Expect an exciting year!

A bit about what you can expect.

Well, let's start with things like this digital flyer. My students made these last year and they were seen around the world. We use a lot of technology in this class. The reason is because as technology advances so should how we teach. In my class we will be creating content for the world to see, we will be participating in book clubs and Skype sessions with classes around the world, and we will be doing projects relate to real world problems. Continue to look at the rest of this flyer to get a better idea of what to expect in my class. I look forward to a year of successful instruction with your students in my class.

Future Jobs

Below is a video about future jobs. These facts presented by Andrew McAfee are a huge influence on how I plan my instruction. As educators we must do a better job.

Andrew McAfee: What will future jobs look like?

Class Dojo

Below you will find a video about Class Dojo. Class Dojo is my classroom management system. There is no other classroom management system on the face of the planet more accurate, concise, and transparent than Class Dojo.

Student Introduction to ClassDojo


In my class we will be using Edmodo not only to connect to other classes around the world, but also for homework, extra help, and direct communication with me. I have the Edmodo app on my phone so I am always connected and available for students and parents alike. This is alway great practice for real world social networks and digital citizenship which is becoming more and more important in our ever-changing society.

Edmodo at a glance

What Did We Do Today

WDWDT is what I will be using to Mass Communicate with everyone. You will never be left out of the loop. You can receive SMS messages directly to your phone or check on your computer from work or home whenever you have the chance.

The Work

Below you find a number of examples of the kind of work that my students did last year. We worked on everything from e-books to digital discussion boards. You can expect for your child to do similar kinds of activities in addition to the pencil and paper type of work that they are already used to.

Mr. Richard Seal's Contact info.

Here is the info you will need to contact me. Email works the very best.

Open House

Thursday, Sep. 19th 2013 at 6-8pm

Here is the info for our open house. The time is subject to change.