Chemical Engineering

By: Max Moore

What is this job about?

This job is about coming up with new ways on how to make new chemicals or making chemicals all ready made, better. They also make new medicine or make them better too. This gob is dangerous because some chemicals could be very harmful to your body. For a branch of science this job would be in physical science.

Classes for High School

For high school here are some of the classes that I would need to take, technical writing, trigonometry and advanced chemistry.

Salary & Employment

Chemical engineering is a job with very good pay, the pay is 66,000 to 166,000 per year. And now for the employment 1 place to go is, Alliant Energy. And that is in Wisconsin. And one other place to go is, Georgia Pacific witch is also in Wisconsin.

Why I would do this!

I would do this because I think it would be fun to do and I would get good pay.

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All in all I think this would be a fun job and you get good pay and there are really good colleges in Wisconsin that are close to me. So this is why I think this would be a really good job for me.


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