Our Migration Nation

By Karen Lu and Jordan Nelson

1850 - 1890 Migration

The Gold Rush was the principle pull to Caliornia in the late 1840's. To cross over the Mississippi River, canals were used to transport supplies and men.
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Economically Connected Russia

Soviet officials wanted to develope Russia's far north, such as Siberia, for its rich natural resources - fossil fuels, minerals, and forests.
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Interregional Migration: China and Brazil

The Chinese and Brazilians both moved from rural areas to urban areas where jobs were plentiful.
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Migrating Within a Country

Interregional migration is permanent movement from one region of a country to another. Intraregional is permanent movement within one region of a country. In Canada, China, Brazil, they are experiencing interregional migration. China's government once severely limited the ability to move in their country, but these restrictions are now lifted. Intraregional regional migration is displayed in countries, such as the United States, where people are moving from urban to suburban areas because of the appealing suburban lifestyle.
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