Women's Suffrage

By: Sydney Dubas

The Beggining

Everything started with a women named Margaret Brent who lived in Maryland in 1667. The women whom were fighting for political equality were called suffragists. Women in many states did not have voting rights. The women began to question the American Democracy and focused on an amendment to the U.S. constitution because it would be easy and its a national question so it would have to be settled by the Federal Government.

Marching for a Change

On March 3, 1913 over 5,000 people marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. The march took place the day before the inauguration of President Wilson, to gain the attention of the public and government. Alice Paul was the lead organizing role for the parade but The National American Women Suffrage Association Organized the parade as well. The parade included a staged pageant with about 100 women and children. Many of the 5,000 people were men who did not agree with the suffragists, they shoved and spit on marchers. They ended up helping the Suffragists.