Old Major

~The Representation of both Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx~

Old Major

Old Major's purpose in the novel "Animal Farm" was to create Animallism which is similar to Communism. Unfortunately Old Major died before the revolution, for the Rebillion. He was considered as the father of Animal Farm. Old Major's Political Theory was brought up based on the ideas, for animals to be free and equal. He was big on getting rid of all humans.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx is known as the father of Communism. His Political Theory was based in his ideas that to accomplish true equality, a country needs to get rid of all private property. He died before the Russain Revolution or the beginning of Communism even started.

Vladimir Len

Vladimir Lenin is known as the leader of the Bolshevik party, the Soviet Satet, and the third international. Lenin's contributions has affected the thinking about the worlds disagreements. He died shortly after the revolution.

Wrapping it up

Finding out and researching Old Major, Karl Marx, and Vladimir Lenin has better helped me understand the Animal Farm novel. At first I was confused because I didn't know the characters back ground, their story. But now after my research, it's all starting to come together.