Cave Man vs Modern Man

Paleolithic era vs Neolithic era

Cave Man (Paleolithic Era)

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Life of a Caveman

The life of a caveman was very difficult.

Cavemen didn't have many resources so they had to hunt animals and gather things like berries and roots.

The tools that Cavemen used for survival were made out of stone, wood, and bones.

The discovery of fire was their biggest accomplishment.

Because they were hunters and gatherers they had no cellphones, they lived in caves or used animal skin for shelter.

Modern Man (Neolithic Era)

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Life of Modern Man

The life of modern man was comparably easier than the life of a caveman.

Modern man had a lot more resources than cavemen like tools made out of copper and bronze but still no cellphones.

Modern man learned how to domesticate agriculture (crops and animals) allowing them to settle in one place.

Since Modern Man settled in one place they were able to develop larger and more complex shelters.