Environmental study project

Mirelis torres, period 3, Ms.Kibbey


The history of Orlando is in 1838 and the height of the Seminole Wars. The U.S Army built Fort Gatlin day limits to protect settlers from attacks of the indian. In 1840 they called a small land around Fort Jernigan named after a famliy. Six Years later they changed the name to Orlando. In 1857 the post office changed the name. They had four stories that were told. One involved “ judge James Speer” another was Speer. Orlando was named after a solder Orlando Reeves allegedly died in the area.Orlando was populated By the Creek.They have museums of History of Orlando.


The weather in Orlando is cold sometimes and hot a lot of times and it they think sooner or later the maybe find snow. Where I live is hot and cold sometimes depends how is the weather.Is like 50f if is cold and hot like 75ft. Today is 70f.The weather is partly cloudy.The weather affect us because we can get sick,and we can have no hosses and sometimes we have are houses in the water. The weather is good sometimes because it helps our plants grow and trees but is bad because it can get us sick and we can lose everything we like .

Natural disasters

In Florida there is rain but there not yet has been a tornado but there are thunderstorms that affect where we live. Like thunder can harm our nature and us and rain helps our planets grow. We had strong winds and hard rains that may cause tornadoes .It affects us because we can get sick, are houses can be destroyed and even we can get floods of water i n our houses.1. food

2. shelter

3. flashlight


5. drinks


7. get supplies

8. get emergency kit

9.get umbrella

10.get phone


In my community is like wildlife because we have a lot of trees and plants.In my community we have a river we all the fish live and in my house in the back we can squerries and spiders etc.In my house we mostly see frogs . There a lot of endangered species that are almost going to extinct. We need to help them.In my communty we have cultures that are to save animals that are in trouble.


In my community they play a lot basketball, We like to be friendly with each other and we plan things exciting all the time. Its very quiet and peaceful where you can enjoy.You have to have a license.We have like to do quiet things sometimes.

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I am Puerto Rican and American and My cultures I celebrate our : christmas, thanksgiving, new years, three kings, the presidents day and so on we puerto ricans have the three kings which we celebrate January and the rest are the same as Florida where I live.We like to do a lot of fun things. We like to a lot of fun stuff suach as going to church, cinemas, mall, carnivals and more.

Overall reflection

Our community is 6964 Longmeade Ln his Multi-Family located at 6964 Longmeade Lane, Orlando FL sold on Dec 5, 1995. 6964 and Longmeade Ln has 2 beds, 1 bath, and approximately 762 square feet. They were all property was built in 1982. Our community is kind and sometimes a lot of time mean and problem mostly friendly.Longmeade ln is located in Pershing Ave.