What is an Anti-Hero?

Frank Tinoco

Part I

An anti-hero is one who goes against society. This person usually faces an oppressive government. As the "main character" in a story, this one doesn't make it to the end or is brainwashed by the government. There isn't a lot left to say about this character.

Part II

Macbeth seemed more of a tragic hero to me more than anything. Sure he became king but he did it in an evil manner that he can not be counted as an anti-hero. He became corrupt and wanted nobody to stand in his way. Macbeth is arrogant in many ways and he killed very good people, people who have done nothing to him, like his best friend Banquo. His death was satisfying (MacDuff decapitated him). Macbeth just thought he could take on MacDuff, until MacDuff admitted that he was not born from a woman. I think Macbeth should not have killed anybody; he killed his best friend to get ahead and also King Duncan to begin with. People did not get suspicious even after Banquo's death, Macbeth just should not have continued killing. Killing MacDuff's family was the mistake that could have happened. This led to Macbeth's death in a way.

Part III

V from V for Vendetta is a perfect example of an anti-hero because Britain has decided to oppress its people and have surveillance over everything. V's plan was to successfully blow up parliament; this did in fact happen but as an anti-hero may be, he died before he could watch his plan succeed. The society that took place was most certainly dystopian because the so-called "Utopia" was not so perfect after all. There was a secret police, known as Fingermen, who killed anybody who attempted to thwart or treason against the government. And I say the government because that is what V is fighting. V's plan was to take out parliament members one by one so that he can send a train filled with explosive fireworks; sadly he died before he could see it all go down. He still got to blow up parliament at least, right?