How to Stay Calm

in stressful ordeals

Just Breathe

Take a few minutes and breathe. You can take this moment to calm down and regian your sense of control. This time also gives you a chance to assess your surroundings and your problem. Then after assessing you can choose your next course of action should be. Flipping out is the worse thing you can do.

Don't Make a Mountian Out of a Mole Hill

When you are assessing your problem don't over exagerate it, all it is going to do is ware you out. Instead of maximizing your problem minimize it and re-think the issue. Think positively to yourself. Think things like " I know I can do this".

Tasks Ahead

Focus on important tasks first. When your done don't forget to take your mind off of things. Instead of worrying find constructive things to do. Play games it always helps to lighten up and relieve stress.

Eat and Sleep

To be able to handle your problems you need energy. Being stressed can really ware someone out. Trying to function on little to no food or sleep can cause more uneeded stress that could be avoided.

How to Calm Someone Else Down

Sometimes you are not the one who having trouble calming down. Instead of being the bystander to their mental breakdown step in and help.

  1. First you will have to get their attention on you by talking to them. ( This does not mean scream at for them to calm down)
  2. Use a nice quiet voice and a warm smile. ( If you don't have a warm smile please refrain from making this poor person freakout because your face looks like a serial killer)
  3. Ask them random quetsions so they are distracted by whatever made them have their little psychotic break like "What is your favorite color?" ( If you caused all this I suggest you stop trying to calm them and walk away. Your doing more damage than help.)
  4. Later in the day when this person is calm you can come back to what caused their episode of insanity and resolve it. ( Hopefully you succeeded on calming this ball of chaos that you have gotten yourself stuck with)