My Green Career

Solar Panel Installer

Salary and education

The average annual salary is $60,000-$80,000. There are only two requirements for schooling, a degree in roofing and electronics.

The green effect/advantages of a solar panel installer

Solar panels can have a great affect on the environment. One affect is less pollution by not burning any fossil fuels. However the can be a very bad eye sore because the are just black squares sitting on a roof or the ground.

Disadvantages of a solar panel installer

The disadvantages of solar panels are that they are expensive and hard to make on a mass production level. The disadvantage of installing solar panels are that you can be on a hat sunny roof with no shade all day long. You also may have to work on steep roofs with very strong winds. Installing solar panels can be very dangerous.

Job Desription

When you are on the jobs you build and repair solar panels to conserve energy so the world is a better healthier place.