Online Tree Gift Business Owner

By: Sophie

Job Duties

In this job, you run an online business where people can buy custom, personalized and regular trees.

In the beginning, you might have to fix website problems, look after trees, deal with customer service e-mails and telephone calls, deal with suppliers, and physically packing and posting trees to customers.

Now you might manages the website and tweaks areas to improve the conversion rates, monitors customer service enquirers, and develops sales and new products

Environmental Relationship Between the Environment and Job

In this job, you sell trees which is helping the environment because trees give us oxygen. So in a way, you are planting a tree.


GCSEs in Art & Design, English, Science, Geography, Technology and Mathematics
Advanced GNVQ in Media: Communication & Production

BA (Hons) in Design Marketing



You work for yourself.

You are helping the environment.

You are making someone else feel good when they revive one of your trees.



You may have to work with suppliers or customers you don’t like.

You have to make sure the trees are being deliver without being damaged.

You have to take care of all the trees.


An average salary for an online business is $49,910 to $114,000 each year

Intresting Facts

Garth Mitchell started his online tree business when he was only 23. When he first started the company, he didn’t have a big plan. That meant that his first attempt failed miserably... but he decided not to give up, created a business plan, raised some money, and Tree2mydoor Limited was formed!