The Fourth President

by I. Hatamleh

Early life/Early childhood

James Madison was born in port conway on March ,16. When James was 11 he went off to school there he read books on math, history, science and many other subjects.

College years/After College

James went to the college of new jersey there he had new ideas and made new friends. After college James found a job. he worked with his home colony. soon after he found a job James Madison married a widow her name was dolley Madison.

The Founding Father

James Madison was the last living Founding Father. This group of men signed The Declaration Of Independence. James Madison was one of the strongest leaders of the United states after he won it freedom.

After Life

James Madison died from a disease called epilepsy on June 28, 1836. James Madison wanted to be known as The Fourth President Of The United States Of America.
James Madison

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