Cyborgs Rule!!!!!

Why arent they used to save people?

Are cyborgs even real?

Yes indeed they are real. On the website below it lists some of the real human cyborgs.

Why do robot parts help human hearts?

It is because they are stronger and replaceable unlike we can be or are bones if they wont heal.

Who made cyborgs?

It was a scientist from Harvard University.

What is a cyborg?

A cyborg is a human with robot body parts that still has some skin left.
World's Fastest Rubik's Cube Solving Robot - Now Official Record is 0.900 Seconds


This is crazy a robot solves a rubiks cube in 0.900 seconds.

Why did i chose this topic?

The reason i chose this topic is because I wanted to know more about cyborgs because I think they are cool and interesting.


the coolest thing i learned is that cyborg parts help humans


It will impact others

continued research

I also want to keep researching this topic because I wonder how that man can hear and see color.
This real-life cyborg has an antenna implanted into his skull