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December 2015 Edition: Great Resources; Inspiring Teachers

Inspirational Quote

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As the year ends ask yourself two questions... What waves have I caught and what waves do I plan to start? You are one of our most incredible resources and every day you start waves in the lives of your students and colleagues. Take a moment to set a new goal, aim higher, reach further, and plan to impact more than you could ever measure!

School Spotlight

Georgia Cyber Academy

This month we spotlight GCA. Please take a look below to get a snapshot of all the great things happening in Georgia.

Learning Target Strategy

Tina Turpin, 8th grade SCI created the ‘learning target’ red/yellow/green and WIN Sign Up. However, she even went BEYOND that to type an X to see specifically what the students needed help with, if they said they were lost. (those are the students red X’s)! Students say all the time “I don’t get it” and aren’t able to articulate what they don’t get. By Tina providing for students the standards in this way, she is helping them to put in to words what the specific issue is that they need remediation on.

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WIN (What I Need) Sign Up

WIN sign up is for the students who want extra help on the specific items that they put a red X on. It was more than just saying I understand/I don’t/I’m lost. There was an intentional follow through with the ‘lost’ students (8 specifically from the screen shot).

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Jessica Peters, ALP teacher, had students create videos as part of their assignment.

Division Using Base Ten Blocks
2 strategies to divide

Heidi Hickman – ALP 7th grade Math - Real world math project

Calculating Unit Cost

Fit Page Option in BBC

Do you ever have students who have trouble reading text on the whiteboard? Here's a simple solution- show them how to use the "Fit Page" option to zoom in on the whiteboard when needed.


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Check out this museum in the UK! It is filled with videos, activities, online games, tips, tools, and demos!

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