Cartel Land

Matthew Heineman


The purpose of this documentary is the people that live in Mexico are scared because of all the killings that are happening for no reason. Parents, families, boys, girls, and other innocent people that have no part in crime or cartels. So therefore there is this group that gathers people (fighters) so they can also help captures drug traffickers or other criminals.



This documentary uses the elements of pathos because it shows a lot of emotions towards of how many people don't feel safe where they live or having to be in the streets because they know that a lot happens day and night.

Personal Inteviews

This documentary does give interviews on people who live in Michoacán of how they feel about these cartel members taking innocent people or something that has happened to them and survived it.

My thesis

Yes, this documentary achieve its purpose because the physician who wanted to help out his people did all he could to at least capture some of the bad guys that hurt innocent people. The physicians group also held rally's and said speeches.