Parkside Elementary Fourth Grade!!

May 16th - 20th, 2016

Field Day, Friday, May 20th

Volunteers needed, please contact Mr. Cole!!

Rita's Italian Ice Still Available!!

It's not too late to order the Rita's Italian Ice that your student will enjoy during Field Day ( Friday, May 20th). If you'd like for your child to have a bowl of Cotton Candy Italian Ice the cost is only $2.00. We will accept money until Monday ( 5/16) afternoon.

*** If you'd like to sponsor a child, you can also send in $2.00 to cover the cost for one child or more.

Below you will find a list of what students need to bring for Parkside’s 1st Annual Field Day

* A plastic or disposable water bottle to refill through the day

* Change of clothes and a towel

* Tennis shoes or water shoes (No “slides,” flip flops, or open toed shoes) Students will NOT be allowed to participate in activities with the incorrect shoes. Students are encouraged to wear “old” or “play” shoes because they will get wet and dirty.

* All students should plan to wear shorts and a bright colored shirt. There will be water stations so shirts and clothes could be damaged or ruined. If girls choose to wear bathing suits they must be worn under their shorts and shirt. Students must still abide by CMS dress code regulations.

* Please apply sunscreen before school and provide extra if needed

Upcoming Events!!

Upcoming Events
May 20 – Field Day – All Day Parent’s Night Out 6-9 PM
May 23- Talent Development Showcase
May 26 – Pre- K & Kindergarten Field Trip to Riverbanks Zoo
May 27 – No School- Teacher Workday
May 30 – No School – Memorial Day
May 31 - Science Common Exam 4th Grade
June 1 - Reading EOG 4th Grade
June 2 - Math EOG 4th Grade

** Students will not be required to take a Social Studies 4th Grade EOG!!**

May 31 – June 2 – 5th Grade EOG’s
June 2 – Life of a Single Mom Meeting @ the Mallard Creek Rec Center 6:30 – 7:30 PM June 3- Hope Awards
June 6- 9 5th Grade Celebrations
June 7 – Pre K Moving Up Ceremonies (TBD) Kindergarten Graduation 8:30 AM in the Gym followed by reception @ 9:30 in the Media Center
June 8- 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony 6:30 PM
June 9- Last Day of School Report Cards Home
Also on May 20th - Parent’s Night Out 6 – 9 PM Featured Movie – ZOOKEEPER


This week in literacy will consist of review games and activities. In the games we will be reviewing EOG terminology, question stems and literary skills. Students will be bringing home their NC Ready book for nightly homework (this will replace their 40mins of nightly reading). Please check agenda nightly to note which passage/pages students should work on and due dates.

Ms. Roth is hosting a TD reception for the parents of certified and catalyst children on 5/23/16 .Parents of the invited students should have received an invitation last week for this event.


This week in math we will be studying customary and metric measurements. The students will need to be able to make conversions within each type of measurement. Last week students received a study guide for the customary units of measure. This week they will receive a study guide for the metric units of measure. Please make sure your student is studying these measurements each night. They will not be allowed to use their notes on this quiz.

In addition to the new learning that we are doing, we are in the process of reteaching/retesting our fraction unit. Please be on the lookout for test corrections to be coming home later this week for our fractions assessment.

We are also spending time each day spiraling EOG review. This week we are focusing on fractions. Please check over your child's math homework daily. Each day your child is practicing using different strategies in order to solve these math problems.

Please remind your student to come prepare to class each day. We are running very low on pencils. Please make sure your child has at least 3 pencils in their pencil pouch daily.

Science, Social Studies and Health!!

We will only be taking a Science Final Common Exam!!

In class we are working on a poster for science. Students created a new species of animal and will add items like habitat, niche, food, and drawings. This will be there final grade in science. I will be making and going over study guides/testing strategies in class. These will then go home for review.

We will be going over summer activities and safety in health.

Social Studies will be reviewing North Carolina!!

June 6th Carnival, Tickets and Volunteers

Students are working toward getting tickets to use at a Carnival on June 6th. Many events have been planned and each will cost tickets. Some events are: water balloons, Frisbee toss, and cup stacking.

Volunteers are needed and we will be sending home a link to a sign-up genius.

If students correctly have their behavior folder marked and then signed they earn tickets. I am holding tickets for some students who need signatures in their folders. Please sign the folders so they can receive their tickets!!

Students receive tickets for behavior (green = 1 ticket, blue = 2 tickets, purple = 3 tickets).
Tickets are also given during block classes for using strategies like "slash the trash", re-read text, and look for key words!


Even though we are at the end-of-the-year we could use a few supplies in fourth grade. Pencils, pencil top erasers/or erasers, and Kleenex! We would appreciate anything you can send our way. (Allergies took most of our tissues.)