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Back-to-School Night-Thank you!

Thank you all for coming to "Back-to-School" tonight! It was a great turn out. I got to meet EVERYONE!! Seeing all the kiddos get excited for the upcoming school year is the best! (I tried getting some pictures of tonight, but got so busy talking I didn't get nearly the amount I was hoping for! )

As most of you already know, I was hired just over a week ago to add a fourth section to 2nd grade. Having four sections now makes the class size 20, previously being 28! We have a perfect size classroom to ensure differentiated instruction for your child.

I have been putting in late hours to get everything ready for Tuesday, but part of it will be learning from each other!

I plan on using this online "newsletter" as a source for spelling words, reminders of events, due dates, lunch menu, references ect... I hope you find this user friendly!

Expect a new link being sent to your e-mail every Friday... Please keep scrolling! :)

Getting Settled in...

The students and I are going to continue to make the classroom our own as we get to know each other and make the room a positive and safe learning environment. I want to get to know you and your child right away. This classroom is open to everyone. At any point that you want to drop in, PLEASE do. Communication is #1 on my list. If you have any concerns or questions please don't ever hesitate to call or e-mail or even text!.

email: dena.banse@isd300.k12.mn.us

school phone #: 507-895-2136

personal phone #608-393-3230


So, you might have picked up on this already, but I have a technology theme carrying throughout the classroom :-). I love, love, love technology and will be integrating it as much as possible in our lessons. I believe that we would be doing a big disservice to our children if technology isn't explicitly taught throughout the day. Any website or app that I teach the kiddos, I will try to add to the weekly flyer you can all join in the fun as well!
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One of my biggest passions (besides my family of course! ) is reading. "Every child deserves the gift of literacy." In my undergrad, one of my favorite professors repeated this over & over again, and I find myself quoting this all the time now! I will start off right away working with each child and finding their reading level. For every student I have the goal for he/she to gain one years worth of growth in reading. I will explain more of this at the first Parent Teacher Conference---

One of the ways we will reach this goal is to promote independent reading outside of the classroom. One of my philosophies is that "books are leveled, children are not." You will not find any book bins that are leveled in my library. We will work all year in finding "Good Fit Books." Next week we will get started on talking about how to find those books--and I will include that on the next flyer as well!

Every Friday, I will conference with each student, where we will talk about one book they have read (it could be during class or at home). Talking about books and having book conferences gives me so much information about their reading strengths and also what we need to keep working on. The students will visibly be able to keep track of these books with paper chain links that will be hanging up in the classroom.---and as they saw today, be rewarded with a "book worm"

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For your Information...

I am a strong believer, and feel it necessary, to continuously become educated in what we are most passionate about. We all have one passion in common... and that is our children! I am sharing one of my favorite websites (for both teaching and parenting), Reading Rockets. Attached is a quick article, to read at your leisure, about how you can continue to help your child be prepared as a 21st century learner at home! Enjoy!
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First Day of School!

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 8am

504 South Oak Street

La Crescent, MN

School Pictures!!

Tuesday, Sep. 22nd, 8am

504 South Oak Street

La Crescent, MN

Please bring picture forms with your child on this day!
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Specials for next week!

Tuesday: Music/PE

Wednesday: Tech/Keyboarding

Thursday: Music/PE

Friday: Art