May 13, 2016

MCHS Graduation Walk!

The MCHS graduating class of 2016 will visit CHES for a graduation walk on May 17th. They are planning to arrive at 9:50. We will make an announcement when students are to take their seats in the hallway. Students will sit in the same positions they were assigned for the December book parade and Seniors will follow the same parade route, beginning and ending in the cafeteria. To accommodate this event, we have also adjusted the time for our 5th grade MCMS visit. Buses will arrive at 10:30 to transport 5th graders to the middle school. Students will return before 5th grade lunches begin.

As always, thanks to everyone for your flexibility. This is an exciting opportunity to congratulate many former students as they reach this milestone!


Math teachers should be receiving their teacher editions. If you will recall, we had several discussions with you and teacher focus groups about what our next steps should be around a Math purchase and technology. As we approached budget season, we knew that the acquisition of 3.5 million dollars in Math texts may create challenges with acquiring the amount of technology we desired. We also knew that the student texts for most levels were different than “traditional” student texts and many teachers had already begun to identify strong online resources. We shared our goal of blending the technology budget with the textbook budget and counted on their insights and input to help us achieve this goal. The common themes of these meetings were:
  • They wanted access to more technology
  • They needed at least a teacher edition as a resource
  • They wanted access to more online assessment and curriculum resources if possible to support technology integration

We shared with these groups and with you that our goal was to accomplish each of these areas (themes). For 16-17 we will have:
  • Access to a significantly increased number of laptops
  • Teacher editions for all Math teachers
  • Acquisition of an online assessment platform (PowerSchool/Interactive). In addition, we have identified a curriculum resource platform linked to powerSchool and should have access to share with teachers in the coming months.

These are exciting times for teaching and learning in CMCSS! Math teachers should be expecting an email from Susan Sewell and Jamie James following up on the materials they received.


Please congratulate Ms. Joy Yarbrough for being selected to represent CHES as the CMCEA DCT Honoree!


Please congratulate Mr. Brian Last for being selected to represent CHES as the CMCEA Green Apple Honoree!
Late Bus Duty: Fourth Grade

16 AO

  • Battle of the Books

17 AN

  • 5th grade to visit MCMS

18 BF

19 BA

  • PD meeting begins @ 7:15 in MC
  • Relay for Life Jeans Day

20 BL

  • Last Day for RTI

Late Bus Duty: Fifth Grade

23 BC

24 BO

25 DOC

  • K-4 Awards Ceremonies in Gym during planning
  • Picnic Day & Yearbook Signing

26 DOC

  • 1/2 Day for Students
  • 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony @ 9:00 in Gym
  • CHES Luncheon: More information to come!

27 Staff Development Day

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Hometown: Dover, TN

Family: Boyfriend- Adam, dog- Polly, cat- Fatty

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I would live in Florence, Italy and visit the Uffizi Gallery as often as I want.

What really makes you angry? Cruelty to animals and children makes me angrier than anything.

If money were no object, what would you do all day? I would listen to music and make artwork all day!

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to and why? I would travel to the year 1515 so I could meet Leonardo da Vinci.

If you could join any past or current music group, which would you want to join?

Radiohead or Depeche ModeIs

Is there anything specific you would like everyone to know about you? I’m a very quiet person and always have been. If I’m not talking much it doesn’t mean I’m upset, that’s just my personality! J