The Oxford Update

Oxford Elementary School

5210 Partners with Oxford Elementary Pre-K

5210 Let’s Go! works with partnering sites like Oxford Elementary School to help create healthy environments for both children and adults. In ongoing conversations with our partners, it became clear that this school year would demand flexibility and require new approaches to keeping kids active and engaged. Through innovation funding from Let’s Go!, we partnered with Center for an Ecology Based Economy to provide local training on improving and expanding outdoor spaces for active and engaged learning, as well as funding to purchase equipment, tools, and engaging materials that promote opportunities for physical activity and learning in the outdoor classroom. We would like to thank them for this wonderful donation to our PreK playground and outdoor classroom.
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Have your child teach you math. Here’s a great way to learn something—teach it. Ask any teacher. Most will agree that even when it’s something “simple” that they could swear they knew inside and out, once they have to explain it to someone else, they’re forced to consolidate knowledge and try new ways of explaining it. When faced with a question that you can’t answer, explain that you're stuck too, and challenge your kids to figure it out just well enough that they can try to explain it to you. Even if they help you only a little bit, they may spark insights that allow you to finish where they left off.

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Spring Break Travel

Please remember if you are traveling during Spring Break to any state that is not exempt from Maine CDC travel guidelines, students will need to receive a negative COVID test or quarantine for 10 days prior to returning to school. Please inform our school nurse, Mrs. Monahan, if you plan to travel over the vacation. She can answer any questions you have about what you will need to return to school. She can be reached by calling 539-4456 or by email at
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Important Dates - April 12 - 16

Tuesday, April 13 - Mrs. Lavertu's class at Roberts Farm

Wednesday, April 14 - Early Dismissal, dismiss 1 hour early

Thursday, April 15 - Ms. Guerrette's class at Roberts Farm; POPs Assemblies

Friday, April 16 - Virtual Author visit with Kevin Maillard; Last day before Spring Break


Monday, April 19 - Friday, April 23 - NO SCHOOL APRIL VACATION

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Oxford Elementary School

Tiffany Karnes, Principal

Denise Bourgoine, Assistant Principal

Arica Monahan, School Nurse

Jill Knight, Secretary

Christine Merrill, Secretary