CLF Post 16 Newsletter

30th January 2015

Upcoming Post 16 Dates

1st – 4th February 2015

Disneyland Paris Trip

4th February 2015

BMA INSET Day, site closed

6th - 20th February 2015

Gambia Trip

13th February 2015

KOA/JCA INSET Day, site closed

14th February 2015

Valentine's Day

16th February - 20th February 2015

Half term for all sites

17th February 2015

Shrove Tuesday

10th March 2015

Years 12 and 13 Parents' Evening (all staff) venue tbc

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Charity Quiz Night!

We had a very successful quiz night at JCA run by Rebecca Dudley who is raising £2015 for 2015 for Mental Health Research UK! A fantastic turn out and a really well organised event by Becky. The quiz night raised over £80 - a really great start to her fundraising year.

If you wish to donate, Becky will be doing a huge amount of things this year that you can support, including a year long dryathlon when she turns 18. She will also be wearing a unicorn onesie on the first day of every month, running a marathon with a Winnie the Pooh twist, a sponsored silence plus more still to be announced!

Please sponsor her for her years attempts, as well as her individual ones!

Rebecca Dudley £2015 in 2015

Follow Becky's achievements for raising money for mental health on her Facebook, Blogspot ( and donate on her Justgiving page below.

All donations go to Mental Health Research UK

1 in 4 people have mental health problems, but only 5% of health research spending goes to mental health

Student Finance

If you are applying to University, don't forget to apply for Student Finance!

Remember - It takes 6 weeks for your application to student finance to be processed so apply as early as possible. You don't need a confirmed place at university to apply and you can apply to your first choice university and change the details later if you need to.

Please go to to apply and find out more information.

Assessment Point 3 Deadline now CLOSED

If you have not already done so, please fill these out. If you have any problems, please contact your relevant Data Manager or Assistant Director in your site who will be able to help.

Reminder: Your exams are in 15 weeks time. (12 without holidays!)

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Recruitment and Year 11 Interviews for CLF Post 16

We have now had 497 applications for Year 12 CLF Post 16!

We have now interviewed well over 400 students for CLF Post 16 next year. Just a few more interviews which are taking place across sites over the next few weeks. There is still space for any more who wish to be considered for a place.

Our blocking for subjects and courses into the curriculum is well underway, and we will have numbers for subjects and staff soon.

If students would like to still apply, they can online at

Curriculum 2015/16 Educating a city: widening our curriculum offer

We want to make CLF Post 16 as accessible as we can for our students. Our curriculum offer therefore needs to widen. We are planning to run additional courses this year, such as AS Applied Law, a new STEM course and a new Drama and Music School. If staff are interested and have ideas about running new courses, please contact

Have something for the next flyer?

Please email if you have something that you would like to share with the Federation.