by kalyn johnson

  • today united states navy is part of the defense Department as the largest govt. agency in the united states the defense department has a budget bigger that of molestations it has in its employ more than 4 million persons many of whom are civilians
  • united states navy seal huddle in boat in an enemy country the boat move toward the shore
  • seal stands for sea air and land seal missions can take place in any of these areas
  • the seal dive into the cold water the quickly swim toward the shore other navy member watch for enemies
  • the seal move toward the beach they are ready to cheek for explosive weapon called land mines
  • only men can he seal congress doesn't allow women to serve as seal
  • many seal mission involves water seal are skilled divers they use scuda gear to breathe under water
  • seal carry weapons during missions they often use light weight m-4rifles the rifles can hit targets as far awards as 2000 feet 610 meters
  1. seal use electronic equipment to commuicate they send information to seal teams around the world
  2. in their forth week of training seal trainees sleep only four hours during a fire day period
  3. seal need to quickly reach mission sites they sometimes drop by rope from sea hawk helicopters
  4. seal rescues missing or hurt soldiers they gather information about enemy forces seal help make the world server place

  1. until 1947 the navy was aseparate branch of the govt. the national security act 1947 created the department of defense headed by a cirilian cabinet officer the secretary of defense

navy ranks

  • enlisted:


petty officer

  • officers: