Changing Lunchtime At Olathe North

More options for those who don't want the lunchroom's chaos.

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The Change-

Allow more options for students at lunchtime. Set two locations so that those who don’t want to face the noise of a lunchroom can go to another place.

Everyone Should Be Able To Chose-

There are two options available to students during lunchtime now, they can go to the cafeteria or to the library. However, during assessments and other occasions the library will close it's doors. This makes the only option for students the lunchroom, regardless of whether they want to go or not. There need to be more choices for students during lunch which are open year-round so that there is always an option of where to go.

Opions of Classmates-

To find out the options of other students, I gave our entire English class a paper survey. Their results showed me that only 17% of people had never gone to the lunchroom because it was their only choice. If that's not enough, only 1 person out of all 21 people said that if they had another option, they wouldn't chose it. The results are definitely in favor of making a change. When asked where they would like to spend their lunch instead, the results from classmates were mixed. The tied top choices were going out to eat and going outside of the building. Closely following that was the idea of going to another class and the belief that we should be allowed anywhere we chose. Now, it was simply down to what to do with this information.

What We Should Do-

I personally believe that students should not be allowed to go off of North’s campus, due to the immense amount of complications that would arise. Who would be responsible for them? Will they come back after lunch or simply decide to skip? How would the people who come and go be regulated? That’s why I suggest that there be two additional options to the cafeteria and lunchroom that will not close even in the event of assessments. These places would be the courtyard and a classroom. There would have to be a teacher on hand at each location, to offer some supervision. This way, even if the weather is bad outside, students can have the option to go to another place indoors.

Informing students of these options would have to be done in sections to best control and not be faced with a hoard of crowds. Start by mentioning the extra options to students who are often in the library during their lunch hour or students who sit alone during lunch. Expand it so that teachers are aware and can tell their pupils. By inevitable word of the mouth, it won’t be long before the whole school knows about it. To make sure it is known by all though, inform the student body during advisory.
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Potential Problems-

There, of course, will be problems with this all. Roughly 32% of students believe that people would not be responsible and would mess it up for everyone else. Another 36% believed that responsibility depends on the person, agreeing that there would be those who cause trouble. So what do you do? The best solution is to solve problems as they occur, making it clear that other places are a privilege. Those who cause trouble will face disciplinary measures, if the trouble persists then they should be no longer allowed for a period of time. Despite the possible problems, this truly is a great way for the students who don't want to go to lunch to break away from the cafeteria.