Millon Dollar Project

Miranda G.


Hi my name is Miranda Goetz and I am going to show you my million dollar project. Hope you like it.

College Funds

I chose for my million dollar project to go to college at Iowa State University.I am going to major in Hospital Management.I am going to tell you about some of my expenses to go to college, and some other expenses.

My Expenses for College,Car, and Wordrobe

My Car

My car is going to be a GMC Sierra. I think I would like the car better than a van or car.The first reason why i would pick the GMC Sierra is because it has four doors, cup holders seat warmers.In all this car is going to cost 45,065.00

My Wordrobe

I got my clothes at JCPennys and the total of all of my clothes was 389.57 dollars.I got some Pants, A couple of Tank Tops,some Shorts and some Long sleeves.

My College Expenses

For college I need to pay tuition/fees, books/supplies,room,and bedding for my bed.All that will just cost about 17,246,648.88.Then I also have to eat and food is going to cost about 305,00.And then if you add up 17,246,648.88 +305,00=17,246,953.88


I am going to donate 1,000 dollars to St. Judes cancer research center.I am going to tell you a little bit about about what kind of cancer I am going to donate to.I am going to donate to Leukemia cancer.

My Summery Page

My car cost 45,065.00.My chlothes cost about 389.57.My actual college cost is going to cost 17,246,953.88.I am going to donate 1,000 to leukemia. In all it cost about 998,812 .57