Educational Resources

Ded 318

Slatebox is a site that can help you create charts and maps for the classroom. This can be used in a social sciences or reading class. Since mapping and graphing is a skill that you need for the science ACT and should be used throughout all grades.

2. Livebrush

Livebrush allows people to make their own graphics fairly easily. It makes it easier for those of us who are not very artistic to make projects and graphics for our classroom. You could have the students use this tool to illustrate a story.

3. GoAnimate

Animate your own video with Go Animate. This could be a great way to get students involved with story telling in the classroom. They could have to animate their own story or a story that they were read. This tool could be used to help the students get a grasp on sequence of events.

4. CrocDoc

CrocDoc can be used to convert pdf and Microsoft documents into HTML5 documents. This could help you for a variety of reasons. The main reason that you may want to have this is to be able to convert your files to make them compatible with certain web apps.

5. OneLook Reverse Dictionary

OneLook could be used for children to expand their vocabulary. If they need help choosing a word they type in words related to a concept and it brings them words that relate to that. You could have this be a classroom project when writing a story.

6. Classroom Tools

This site (classroom tools) has many great ways to incorporate tech into the classroom. You could make a interactive quiz or video game that teaches the material. If you explore the site there are all kinds of little projects that you could make and have the students play or you could have the students make as an assessment of a certain skill.

7. Yarp

Yarp is a tool that you can use to add a poll to your blog or website. You could also email the link to the students. It seems to be pretty simple to use and is very clear to read.

8. Teach With Movies

Teachwithmovies is a website full of lesson plans that help incorportate popular movies into core subject matter. This could be a great tool to use to get students interested and involved in the lesson. Students with an interest in film and film making may especially enjoy this website.

9. Quiet Tube

Ever want to show a youtube video but the comment section was a wee bit to rowdy to allow the young eyes to see? Well now you can show that video with quiet tube. This could really make it it much easier to show your favorite educational videos.

10. Watch Know Learn

This is compilation of educational videos that you could show your students. Some of the videos are beautifully made filled with facts and presented in a way that the students will absolutely devour. Some of the videos were even made by students.

Video 1

I really like this video teaching verbs. It incorporates music and interesting graphics into a story that teaches music. The music will most likely make the students remember the point of a verb. It is a little long.

Verb Song from Grammaropolis - "Lights! Camera!! Action Verb!!!"

Video 2

This video talks about a reservations were once called prisoners of war. It would be great to incorporate this into a lesson in 5th grade American History. The speaker in this video talks a bit about the culture, history, and current situation of the reservations.

Video 4: School House Rock

School house rock is a great way to teach different parts of speech in a interesting way for students. There are a few channels on youtube that are full of school house rock songs. The best one that I have heard so far is the Interjection song.

Interjections Schoolhouse Rock.

Video 5

If you are like me and may someday want to teach a high school history class it would be interesting to show this ted talk video about and alternate story of David and Goliath. The speaker is a phenomenal story teller. This would be a really interesting way to teach the concept of history being up to the listener to decipher.