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January 6, 2022

Roosevelt Information

Happy New Year! I am hopeful that all Roosevelt families enjoyed winter break and are ready to tackle all that awaits us as we return to school!

A few reminders so you can stay in the know:

~ COVID Mitigation Info: The changes we have made for breakfast, snack, and lunch have gone very well. Kudos to the students for their amazing ability to adapt and change! These will be skills that serve them well throughout their lifetime. Mask compliance and proper mask wearing has also significantly improved--thank you for your support in this effort! If your child is exhibiting any symptoms, including common cold symptoms, please keep your child home. Also, if anyone in your household is testing, any unvaccinated individuals must remain at home.

~ Winter BINGO: We will be drawing some amazing fun prizes TOMORROW for the Winter BINGO sheet that came home before break. Thank you for your support of your child's reading, and your help in making reading an enjoyable event in your home.

~ ExCEL: For students that are a part of this after school program, this will resume on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

~ January PLC/Late Start: This is approaching quickly...Tuesday, January 11. If you have not yet signed up for child watch, should that be needed, please do so ASAP!!! It will close on Friday afternoon.

~ PTO Meeting: The January PTO meeting is at 5:30 on Tuesday, January 11. It will be held in the Media Center (enter door #1 and come up the stairs). Child Watch in the gym will be available if that is needed. We work really hard to be done within an hour, as we all have kids to feed!

~ Glove/MItten Donation: We are REALLY short on waterproof gloves/mittens for the kids to use. If you have any extras or wish to donate some, we'd really appreciate it!

~ In other fun news...did you hear about the fire alarm going off today? If not, I'm sure your child will report that this occurred. No, a student didn't pull it. No, we didn't have a fire. We did have a pump that broke due to the extremely cold temperatures. Due to this break, steam built up, and the fire alarms did exactly what they were supposed to do--sense that something was not right. Students did not exit the building, as we instantly announced that classrooms should not exit the building due to the extremely cold temperatures. Our amazing Mr. Tim, in collaboration with district maintenance, are furiously fixing the broken pump. Aside from the fire alarm intermittently ringing for about an hour, the day proceeded normally. Again, kudos to ALL for patience, calm, and adaptability. I know I sound like a broken record, but these are important skills to develop and will prove helpful to kiddos as they grow and mature.

Happy day to all! I appreciate each of you and am glad you are part of the Roosevelt team!


Ann Haggerty

Roosevelt Principal


Birthday Book IDEAS!!!! Take a peek!!!

With district wide budget cuts, our library book budget has been severely reduced. We are still dedicated to filling the Roosevelt Media Center with the latest new releases that kids are excited to read. If you are donating a Birthday Book, please consider some of these titles (see below) to help us keep our collection up to date and filled with great reads! Each week we will share new titles, so please consider a Birthday Book donation to the Roosevelt Media Center using some of these suggestions. Your child's teacher has all of the Birthday Book information, so be looking for that coming home in your child's birthday month. And don't worry...teachers will communicate with you if your child has a summer birthday! :-)
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