RISD Curriculum News

Fanning the flame of success!

A few things to remember from the curriculum department....

  • Staff development deadline for registering is approaching.
  • Surveys are posted on the web page. Please complete those to help us with needs assessment for the upcoming year.
  • Several end-of-the-year committee meetings have been scheduled. Please plan on attending if you serve on any of those.
  • We will be in school on Monday, May 25th to make up one of our bad weather days.
  • Retest day for 5th & 8th grade Reading is Tuesday, May 12th.


As we prepare to finish up spring STAAR testing next week at the high school, I would like to thank everyone for your help in ensuring that all runs smoothly on the campuses. At this point, we have preliminary results back for 5th and 8th grade reading, and those campuses are to be congratulated on their outstanding results! Good job to all!!

Summer Staff Development

At this point, everyone should be aware that we are offering several great staff development opportunities this summer both in the district, at Region 7, and at various districts nearby. If you have not seen the list, contact your campus principal. Each staff member should be registered for the two days that they would like to attend in order to gain credit for the two swap days in November. The deadline for getting registered for your two days is May 17, 2015. Your principals/supervisors should know what two days you plan on attending by that date. (If you have questions about registering for workshops, please contact the curriculum office or your campus principal.)

If you have a certificate that must be renewed, I would encourage you to take advantage of these great opportunities offered in the summer! (Requirements for renewing certifications can be found in TAC 232.11).

Technology Tidbits...Flubaroo!

Flubaroo helps you quickly grade and analyze online assignments and assessments, as well as email scores to students! http://www.flubaroo.com/