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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


Hold on tight...you are in for a fun ride

This week we recognize your hard work and dedication. Teaching a class full of darlings for 7+ hours is a huge responsibility. We appreciate your service and celebrate you this week. Staff members should have received a detailed invitation of this week's events. Don't forget it is also jean week!

Staff members must see Patricia ASAP to pick up the necessary information to complete the suicide prevention training. Certificates should be given to Patricia.

After lengthy discussions, we have published an email regarding DRA testing. At this time we are unable to assign specific teachers to homerooms. In an effort to allow you the entire testing window, teachers will test their own students. As soon as we have addressed the change in teaching assignments, rosters and cards will be placed in your mailbox.

Campus Needs Assessment Committees have worked hard to gather the necessary information for the campus assessment. Please be sure you are working your committee.

We will host Ms. Pruneda's retirement party this Wednesday!

CEIC members will meet May 17th. Please send a representative if you are not available.

We will vote on CEIC members for the upcoming year. If you have not participated in the past, please consider joining.

Mrs. LeBlanc will hold summative conferences on May 17th and 20th. A schedule will follow this email.

We will be gearing up for Jump Start soon. August 1-5 from 8:00-3:00 is currently planned. We will host our students in a full day program that will last for one week. Discuss with your team who is interested. We will require one general education teacher and one bilingual teacher for incoming first, second and third grade students.

Kinder teachers will host incoming students this Friday! We look forward to meeting our little darlings.

Next Week is STAAR! We call this a time to show what you know. We are excited about the first round of scores and look forward to witnessing success of our students and teachers.

Career Day is Friday, May 13th. Please see Ms. Mertz and ask how you can help.

Retention meetings will be held May 16th during conference periods.

Eric Cork is scheduled for May 18th! Oh what fun! Ms. Kirk's retirement party is on the same day @ 3:30 in training room B.

The leadership team will meet Thursday the 19th after school. We will have Spring Training Camp on the same day.

EOY scores are due in Aware by Friday, May 20th..on your mark...get set...test!

Field day will take place May 24th. If you have students who have lost Field Day, please make arrangements for them. Front office staff will be on duty with students.

Kinder graduation is May 25th at 8:45 am. 5th grade awards will take place on the same day @ 2:00 pm.

Awards Day for 1-4 will occur May 26th.

This month will fly by. Please be sure to take care of yourself. History has proven May to be the hardest month in the life of an educator. There is so much to be done and so little time in which to accomplish everything. We love you and urge you take moments to find PEACE!

*I regret not being able to send this to you this morning. I wanted to send you this information early in the morning but the office was on fire....talk about turning up the heat:) Thank you to everyone who goes above and beyond everyday. It truly takes a team to make HBE successful!