Neuve Chapelle

April, Emily

March 10-13 1915 in Northern France

Was the first major attack from the British Army, in the first month of 1915 General Joffre, commander-in-chief of the french army wanted to raise troops massed on the Western Front, to prepare for the offensive to break German lines. Also to put pressure on Russia.

Generals, troops,casualties, and how the battle happened

German had 342 guns barraged for 35 minutes, partially directed by 85 reconnaissance aircraft flying overhead. The German commander was Sir John French. The French general was Chief General Joffre, and the British commander is Alexander Haig. The number of troops for both sides was half a million soldiers. The number of causalties for both sides is 7,000 British and 4,200 Indian.
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Area and Tour information

Directions to the site is 5 kilometers north of La Bassee and 20 kilometers west-south-west of Lile. Nearby attractions is a hotel, Louvne-Lens, and Parc Mosiac. You can sray stay and eat at Restaurant, and Le Colibri. When you are visiting, there is recreational and team building activities such as meeting the British soldiers, and handling World War 1 artifacts. The time of year when it is best to visit is during the fall.
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